Hope When It’s All Your Fault (Podcast) Part 2 from "Hope" sermon series

2015-09 Hope s

It’s good to know we can have hope when the world’s mess surrounds us. But what about when the mess is our fault? We aren’t perfect. So sooner or later we are going to be the cause of the trouble and pain in our lives and even for those close to us.

The instant we recognize the mess is our fault, we face a moment of decision. There are two options. Will we surrender our hope, dooming ourselves to the darkness of despair? It’s a dark fate and it never ends well. Or will we hold on to the faintest glimmer of hope, believing good is still possible?

Planet Earth from a Tourist’s Perspective 4 ways the world should impact our hearts


My office door is on a side street next to the church. Everyday I get a glimpse of how a local bed and breakfast is doing. They’ve had the busiest summer I’ve seen during my five years in the community.

Today I was heading out for a meeting and I saw a couple of ladies heading out for the day. In typical tourist fashion, they were taking pictures of the B&B house, one another, and the surrounding area. Our little community had piqued their interest.

Sometimes we forget to enjoy the place we are at. It happens in the cities we grow up in, the workplaces we’ve given our lives to, and even the planet we live on. From a spiritual perspective, how would the world look different if we stopped and saw it as tourists?

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Hope When the World is Falling Apart (Podcast) Part 1 from "Hope" series

2015-09 Hope

When you woke this morning, was hope on your mind? Maybe your mental checklist of everything you expected was already written when you slid out of bed. But was it hopeful? We expect a bunch of predictable things for our day. Hope is believing in the possibility to actually receive something good.

We need hope. Without it, life is feels less worth living. There is power in hope, yet we have come to believe it is dangerous to hope. Our lives are under attack, and if our hope is short-circuited we will stop dreaming.

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From Welcomed to Spurned Audio Podcast: "The People of God" conclusion

2015-08 The People of God (s)

As we stack these truths about living as the People of God, one more should become obvious. There’s a canyon growing between us and this world as we choose to follow Christ and live according to Heaven’s values. A chasm forms, and the world takes it personal when we depart from its ways. How will we respond when the we feel the effects of the separation?

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