Everyone God Brings into His Church Belongs Trusting God as the Builder of the Church


Have you ever found a piece of something and not known what it was? It looked important. It obviously came from something else. Now it’s your personal space, lost and alone.

I recently tossed out a small screw I was holding on to. Too many people sat in my office and asked about it. It wasn’t on display or in a “lost and found” box. Day after day it sat in the top of a small wooden chalice from Israel that I keep next to a menorah my in-laws gave me after their trip to the Holy Land.

Too many people must have commented on it that week. I picked it up, looked at, and threw it away. As much as I hoped to find its home, for years it sat without one.

Thankfully, God doesn’t forget where something, or someone goes. He knows exactly where they belong. The trick for us is trusting in God’s wisdom and craftsmanship.

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God Takes Many Individuals and Builds One Whole Sermon Podcast: "The People of God" part 2

2015-08 The People of God

Part 2. God desires to take us from nothing to something and give us everything. But His plan is not only to accomplish it on an individual level. He is bringing together a nation, a people. This is what makes the transformation from nothing to something possible. There is only one builder of God’s Church, and we must learning to trust in the builder. Only then we will recognize and live in the powerful truths of unity as The People of God.

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God Takes Us from Nothing to Everything Sermon Podcast: "The People of God" part 1

2015-08 The People of God (s)Part 1. The hymn “Amazing Grace” has a wonderful phrase we sometimes forget the power of: “I once lost, but now am found.” What does it mean to be lost? If we are found, what should change? Is God the center of who we are, or just an add-on? These question set us looking at what it means to be part of something bigger than ourselves. We are “The People of God.”

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Stop Loading Others with Baggage You Don’t Understand Remember what the Gospel says about prisoners and freedom


My favorite people are those who really want to know all there is to know about God and His Word. They aren’t trying to better than anyone else. It isn’t a Bible Quiz competition or a “good Pharisee tactic.” Their heart just wants to get closer to God and serve Him the best they can.

One of my best friends is like that. He’s so hungry for more of God. He posts his daily reading completions on Facebook, more to keep on eye on himself than to impress anyone. Because he continues to learn and wants to understand better, we have some really interesting discussions.

Recently we sat together and he brought up one of my sermons he was listening to online. Since it was one of those rare occasions where we get our families together for a couple of days, we had one of those long talks. These are my favorite opportunities to find outĀ if people really know what kind of baggage they are burdening people with.

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