This post had to be written before I could write again Life, church, and the reality we now face


If you spent much time in front of a television in the 1990s, or if you’re a Will Smith fan, you probably know the opening line to the theme song for “The Fresh Prince”. The past six months i have lived my own tale of “how my life got flipped-turned upside down.” As a result, you may have noticed how this blog has remained silent over those months.

In some ways, it’s been a blur. But it also feels like an eternity. So much has changed, from church and making a living, to a new home in a new city. It isn’t the normal story of a ministry move, and it would take longer than a single post to give you all the details. Don’t worry, though. I wouldn’t do that to you.

This post may be more cathartic than anything, and you may not make it to its end. But before I can begin posting again about church, ministry, or basic Biblical principles, I have to get this out. This wall has to come down. So, here comes the sledgehammer.

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Learning to See Our Community through Heaven’s Prescription Do we see what God sees in the world around us?


Today is April 1, and we still have a few feet of snow in our yard. March brought storm after storm, and Spring is late in our part of the world. We might think it’s bad, but our exchange student from South America feels much worse.

He arrived on the 14th, just after one storm and in time for another the following day. We try to convince him this is not normal, and it will all be different, hopefully soon. It’s a challenge trying to describe to him what our community will look when all of the snow has melted.

We can all create a mental picture of the communities we live, work, and worship in. People, places, monuments, attractions. Our picture tends to include what we enjoy and are proud of. But what about those elements of our community we choose to keep out of our picture? Do we know what they are? Is our attitude toward them the same as Heaven’s?

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10 Broken Pieces God Used to Make Us Whole Again How a "broken" day turned into "Good" Friday

cross hammer (lightstock_2406_small_user_201634)

Just four months ago, we celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ. Regardless of whether it is the right day of the year or how it is misused, Christmas is a time of celebration and joy.

Good Friday is different. Those who know Easter is coming recognize the darkness of today will turn to eternal light on Sunday. Grief will turn to wonder. Jesus’ victory overshadows Satan’s temporary victory. We tend to treat Good Friday as a hiccup. It appears and then it’s gone, a blip on the radar.

Maybe it’s because Good Friday reminds us how broken our world is. Sure, we see the news and pray for nations and people hit by tragedy. Brokenness seems obvious. Yet today’s message of brokenness is about sin, judgment, and justice. But the good news of the Gospel is how God sent Jesus to redeem our brokenness and make us whole and new again.

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