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The Voices that Hold Us Back Audio Message: "Better than This" part 2

Part 2. We are not alone on planet Earth, and we constantly hear voices that have ideas of what is “very good” and “good enough” for our lives. What are they saying about our relationship with God? One woman’s journey was full of voices telling her to give up and settle for “good enough.” Like her, we need to push through to God, Who is able to give us more.

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Can You Really Take Advantage of God’s Grace? A question that reveals an incredible truth

Some people wonder why I do what I do. Those familiar with me and my ministry are aware of how I sometimes say or do things just to “mess with” people or challenge their preconceptions. It doesn’t always jive with the other person very well, but there are those times when gears start grinding that haven’t moved in a long time, if ever.

While I could stand on a stage and preach all the time, I really enjoy the interaction of small group discussion. I love seeing the light bulb come on in someone else. For them, there’s a new understanding or possibility to grapple with. And I offer my help in that journey.


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One of our home group discussions recently resulted in a spiritual “light bulb moment” for me. This particular discussion was about Grace. It was the last night of an incredible video series I had chosen to accompany my preaching series about The Narrow Road Paradox. The videos were by a pastor from a different denomination as our own, and his teaching from a different perspective helped us expand our view of God, and especially Grace. One of the last questions we talked about that night was this: Can you really take advantage of God’s Grace?

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Stalled: Refusing “Good Enough” Audio Message: "Better than This" part 1

Part 1. Is your life full of all God has for it? Would you label your life as “very good” or “good enough”? Our world tells us there are barriers and boundaries to what our lives God. But God says there is more. He calls us to keep climbing and seek what is better, to reach beyond “good enough”.


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2 Reasons the Messiah was Rejected

The Death of the Messiah wasn’t a spur of the moment turn of events. It didn’t come out of nowhere and take everyone by surprise. Two groups were involved in the condemnation of the Messiah. Both rejected the Messiah for their own reasons. These two reasons for Jesus’ death are simple, and they can creep into our own lives if we aren’t watching and guarding our hearts.

cross and crown of thorns

There are few who would ever choose to lay Jesus on a cross and nail Him to a tortuous death. Yet the danger still lies nearby that we would reject His rule in our lives. So let’s look at these Two Reasons for Rejecting the Messiah, and search our hearts to push out any sign of them.

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Audio: Celebration of the Messiah

Part 1. The most important week in the history of the world begins with a celebration. It isn’t just a parade or a couple of people getting close to Jesus. What happens when a city, a people, choose to believe?